wild geese flying home © Photograph by Colleen Watson-Turner

Human Spirit, Earth Spirit

My posts are shaped by my experiences, questions, and sense of humour.

I include lots of quotes from other writers – ones that express thoughts and capture essences better than I can presently accomplish. Or just because I love what they say, and how they say what they say, and I want to honour how much the books of others have enriched my life.

Stories are my  main medium for tying ideas and questions together with personal experiences. I like stories that show relationships between our inner life and the outer world – be it far away as the stars or as near by as the rooms we live in, or the pond three blocks down the street.

“For the interior life sweetens the humblest thing. It opens for us the magic in ordinary life”. -John Tarrant

I love the big questions of existence and my writing explores questions of meaning and purpose without answering them. I could describe my central focus as those dimensions that seem of greatest importance to my life – the ‘why are we here and what then must we do’ questions and answers to them that can’t be claimed with any finality. And I don’t.

I don’t write of the human spirit in the context of religious institutions. Rather, I understand the spirit as that part of us that integrates our feelings, longings, and deep aspirations. The spirit supports our will to live and to grow, to be inspired by human goodness and find life meaningful.

I spent many years of my working life in the field of education as a teacher, a teacher educator and a writer. My concern for the well-being of children has never lessened. Some of my posts relate to the spirit of children.

spring greening

 There are many senses in which you can conceive of the spirit of other life forms, for example, of a tree – as it’s energy, it’s ways of communicating, how it grew from a seed which knew what it must become.

It enlarges me to choose, in relation to that which can’t be fully known, a concept that brings greater meaning to the living world.

 The human spirit, the spirit of the Earth, the spirit that creates the cosmos are all one.