This is not an easy world for young people to thrive in. Materialism, violence, and environmental degradation are part of the world children witness and experience. We hope they also observe compassionate actions and peace-making commitments, and appreciate the beauty to be found in the natural world and in the nobility of the human spirit. Unfortunately, these aspects of life don’t usually get the same degree of attention in the media or in school curricula. Many adults who live and work with our youth don’t realize the importance of strengthening the spirits of children and teenagers nor do they know many ways to do so.  My work life now is centered on ways to support teachers and parents to build resilient, caring children and to strengthen their own inner lives.

My book Strong Spirits, Kind Hearts: Helping Students develop Inner Strength, Resilience, and Meaning is a practical resource for teachers which supports this important task. This website also contains ideas, advice, and activities for teachers, parents, and other adults who work with young people. The contents of the website will continue to be developed and new activities and tips added.