The Moments of the Day

The Moments of the Day

the reading tent-Photograph © Colleen Watson-Turner

Remembering the Moments of the Day

This activity is one that helps children, teenagers, and adults look at their life as being made up of a wealth of moments and experiences. Rather than asking, “How was your day?” (e.g. at school, a friend’s house, at work, at home, during holidays), ask more specific questions without pressuring anyone to respond. Good questions:

  • have a range of possible answers
  • help to avoid black and white thinking
  • develop awareness of the variety of activities, feelings, and moods that make up a day
  • end with, “Now it’s your turn to ask me/ everyone a question about my/ their day.

Parents could use this activity at mealtimes, as part of bed time routines, or when their child or teenager gets home from some event. At mealtimes, you could go around the table and have everyone present describe something about their day in response to your question. Teachers can use it to end the school day. In both cases, give everyone a turn that wants to answer but make it clear that they can pass on any question.

Once you’ve done this activity a few times, give family or class members a turn to think of and ask the questions. Reciprocity is a good type of relationship to model. It affirms that everyone, every age, is valued and has valuable ideas. Most of us have experienced the way that children and teenagers enjoy turning the tables on adults. Everyone needs to feel they have power and can affect outcomes. Encouraging them to ask questions that causes laughter often strengthen bonds. Shared laughter promotes feelings of belonging.

The person asking the question can give one example if needed to get people started.

Some questions you can use to get everyone thinking about their day, and to give children and teenagers ideas they might use when it’s their turn, could include ones like the following:

  • enjoying the autumn leaves

    Did you laugh today? Can you remember what made you laugh?

  • Did anyone hear a bird sing today?
  • How many things (other than people) do you remember touching today? Can you list them?
  • Were you mad at anyone or anything today? What happened that made you mad? Did you stay mad for a long time? Are you still mad? What does that feel like?
  • What was the best thing that happened today? If you can’t think of something that felt really good, then how about telling us one thing that was sort of good, or okay.
  • What worries did you have today? Did anyone help you with something you were worried about? Did you help someone with a worry they had?
  • Did anyone have some moments of feeling calm and peaceful today?
  • Did anyone experience or witness something today that seemed unfair? Did you hear, read, or witness injustice today towards a person, many people, an animal or many animals?
  • Did you create anything today that was unique, original, not like that of anyone else?
  • How much time were you outside today? Can you remember some of the things you did outside?
learning to swim
  • Were you kind to anyone today? Was anyone kind to you?
  • Did you look at the sky today? What did you see?
  • Can you estimate how much of your day was spent moving around in anyway that you would call exercise? or how much of your day you were sitting?
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