What the Angels Sang

What the Angels Sang

 The angels arrived right on schedule on December 1st and took their accustomed places in our living room.

The angel I painted has a very stubborn chin and does seem determined that everyone listen to the message in the choir’s favourite carol.


The Buddha joined the choir this year—a very ecumenical Buddha he is—and though he doesn’t know all the words he hums along cheerfully.


The silly angels can’t stop giggling but they eventually join in because the message is such a good one.

All the angels sing with great gusto the song at the top of the Angel Hit Parade for 2018:

Love Wins! Love Wins!

Oh joy, oh joy,

Love Wins! Tra la la la. . .

Wishing you all the joys of the seasons, health and happiness in the New Year. And lots of laughter.


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