About Me

About Me

At UBC Japanese Garden, May 2018


A Personal Bio. I think of myself as a philosopher because I like big questions. Without a question of origins, connections, or meanings to explore my life goes a little flat.

I read widely and am grateful to many writers and poets. The aesthetic dimension of the human world feeds my spirit in many ways. Many of my hours are spent now in writing personal essays and poetry.

I treasure humour for its enlivening and leavening abilities.

The natural world is a solace, a sorrow, and a place to be present to life as it is, in all its diversity, its storms and tides, its beauty and freshness.

I don’t know what will happen next and that’s a good thing – partly because I carry a lot of what I call World Sorrow, and Earth Lament. It is good to find bedrock in knowing that everything is connected to everything else and that humans are not in complete control. It helps that I wonder about life a lot and have a feeling for mystery.

My life as an educator was rich and varied. I used the arts a lot in my teaching and still use them in my life. I have written two books for teachers. My first book  focuses on supporting students to develop inner strength (Strong Spirits, Kind Hearts: Helping Students Develop Inner Strength, Resilience, and Meaning. 2013) https://rowman.com. 

 I wrote a second book for teachers with The Way of the TeacherJane Thurgood-Sagal. It supports the personal growth of teachers (The Way of the Teacher:A Path to Personal Growth and Professional Fulfillment.2016.) https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781475832679/The-Way-of-the-Teacher-A-Path-for-Personal-Growth-and-Professional-Fulfillment

I believe we are more than a mind in a body. To name what can’t be described factually, I use the words spirit and soul. I feel all living things have a spirit. I am interested in cosmology—the expanding universe, the mystery. I believe all my larger questions will never be answered, and shouldn’t be answered in any final or finite way.

For a more formal description of my education and work experiences, see my Curriculum Vitae.


“The hopeful spirit transcends limitations.”